Please read what has been decisive about selecting SAPHIRE 27 as the 2014 Yacht of the Year.

SAPHIRE was chosen European Yacht Of The Year because she keeps all her promises. This award is the most renowned one in Europe and usually given to well established yards. With Saphire as a first project we launched a boat which gained the European Yacht Of The Year award in the first go, which is very rare and shows how well thought through the project was from the very beginning. There are many sports yachts for sale but only very few that combine family sailing and racing in the same perfect manner. The judges of the European Yacht Of The Year award were impressed by her ability to combine both – sailing save with the family and still having the potential to win prestigious races against much bigger boats.

Yachting World 2014

Yachting World 2014 03



“To win with the very first model is something few boatbuilders have achieved in the 11 year history of the European Yacht of the Year. So to claim victory in this group says something about Saphire's debut 27. A sleek, light, powerful boat that gives you lots of thrills when lake-racing or fast-cruising along the coastline. Not surprisingly she did exceptionally well in light airs and out-sailed most bigger performance yachts. But she was also very well-behaved upwind in a gusty force 5-6. Strong showing!”



„Aimed at the racing end of the market, but with the ability to head off for weekend cruising, the Saphire 27 is a far more manageable boat shorthanded than her aggressive racy looks might at first suggest. She has a large square topped mainsail, retractable carbon bowsprit, masthead asymmetric spinnaker and aggressive hull chines all of which mark her territory from the start.
But perhaps what is more impressive is some of the detail that you don't see at first, namely her high performance steel fin and lead bulb keel that has her pointing like a witch in all conditions. Detailing like this costs money yet her price tag sits at €49,000 which, given the carbon mast and other quality areas will make her an attractive proposition to many.”




„A clear win for the Saphire wich is not so special but does pretty well what he is aimed to. A really fast little boat giving lots of pleasure to it's crew. The hull is performing very easily in the light air and truly fliyng in the breeze. The boat is also easy to trail and to rig and you have real volume inside for a boat wich is rather narrow. Good racing to come, for sure!"


„Powerfull sailingboat with modern looks. The concept behind it is very charming which partly forgives the poor finishing inside. The T-keel and the carbon mast make it a true performer but it is still easy to sail. And you can tow it behind your car to go racing on an other lake somewher in the Alps.”

Lori Schüpbach, Marina.ch, Schweiz

"He made ist his way – and he won! Michael Tobler, a Swiss businessman and regatta sailor, wanted to create a boat for different needs – a boat to please the family but also the regatta crew. With the Italian Claudio Maletto he hired an experienced designer and with Delphia in Poland he found a fully-fledged yard. The result is a convincing mix of great sailing abilities and – for a family – easy handling."

Axel Nissen-Lie, Seilas / Norwegen

"This is not a typical family sailor but will definitely attract adrenaline junkies. The kids are going more extreme, and if you want to make good GoPro videos from your sailing holiday this is the boat. The Saphire 27 is not only a fun downwind glider she is surprisingly good upwind as well."

Vanni Galgani, FareVela / Italien

"It is a sporty, agile and fast 8 meters boat. In the water it ia easy to handle even when the wind rises. It is a boat where you don't need to be a "professional" to have fun. The big gennaker let the boat plan with only 11-12 knots of wind. It is Very flexible: the standard version is ready for racing and if you add some optionals it becomes a small cruising boat with 4 berths, kitchen and wc. It is well equipped with carbon mast, T keel, powerful sail plan. It has no backstay so that you can have a big square top mainsail. The hull lines are flat and the sides vertical, the connections between them its a chine that is accentuated in the stern diluted along the entire length. Very easy to handle both in the water and outside. You don't need any crane to put it in the water, it has a clever system for launching from the trailer as well as a well-organized system for dismast."

Roland Duller, YachtRevue / Österreich

"The perfect compromise between a sporty Daysailer and a Cruisingboat. Key features: Easy and fast to sail in all conditions, well done layout, interesting rigg with powerful mainsail, one-design-concept and liveable interior."

Morten Brandt-Rasmussen, BadNyt / Dänemark


"Nice little boat with impressive sailing abilities. Although the boat has a poor finish, a non-existing interior concept and an uncomfortable seating for the helmsman it is good fun sailing the boat. This is primarily due to its lightness, good stability and powerful catamaran inspired rig setup. The boat has potential to be selected for one design events like the German Segel Bundesliga or the Danish Sportsboat league. skriver et af jurymedlemmerne."

Joakim Hermannson, Segling / Schweden

"Buy the Swiss Saphire online and have it sent to your home on a trailer! A brand new sales concept, but also a boat that will put a large smile in your face while sailing – no matter if you're alone or bringing your entire family. Vacuum injection and an electrical engine also means less pollution caused by building or using this boat."

Carlos Serra, Nautica & Yates / Spanien


"This outstanding design will give her users the thrills of the most extreme sport boat while allowing family and less experienced sailors lots of mistakes. Balanced hull, generous T-shaped keel, big rudder and excellent rig make things easy while giving safety. You can choose between sailing to the limit or behaving more conservatevaly. She can be easiliy towed on the road."